NoteCard is your Macs visual note taking studio inspired from Stickies - the venerable Mac classic for notes! NoteCard keeps your notes organized the way you like and readily available so you're more productive and inspired to write down your ideas.

NoteCard is the visual note taker which organizes your ideas in cards (sticky notes) around your Desktop and lets you arrange them in different fun and creative ways.

Ideal for: students in class, brainstorming for projects, personal organization and keeping clippings from your Mac or around the web.

What makes NoteCard different from other text editors and sticky note apps on the Mac? NoteCard lets you: make tabbed cards, stack cards in groups, add pages to cards, store cards in sheets for quick access and a full screen editing environment called Reader.

When your thoughts are arranged the way you want them you'll be more productive and inspired when you work. That's where NoteCard comes in!

The core of NoteCards design revolves around cards which is where you edit, arrange and manage all your content.

Pages. Cards can have an unlimited number of pages which are indicated at the bottom of the card. You can navigate a cards pages using the mouse or with convenient menu commands.

Tabs. Any number of cards can be embedded within each other to make tabs. Using tabs is a great way to save space on screen and group related cards together with easy navigation.

Scrolling. Unlike some sticky note apps cards in NoteCard are scrollable with scroll bars.

Rich or Plain Text. By default cards can be rich or plain text. Rich text cards can contain all the text editing features of OS X including: lists, images, links, tables and HTML not mention all the various text styles. Plain text helps to protect cards text against annoying style changes when copying/pasting or other unintentional changes.

Sheets are where NoteCard keeps your cards conveniently and safely without bothering you to save or locate files.

The sheet browser is located on the side of your Macs screen and represents the cards within as mini thumbnails of the entire sheet.

Sheets provide a handy interface for switching your projects so you don't need to spend time digging around your hard disk for your notes and keeps all your cards right as your fingertips while you work.

There's never enough screen real estate for all your open windows and content on your Mac. NoteCard helps you manage this information overflow with Stacks.

Stacks let you save space on your screen by arranging cards into groups of related content using a convenient drag and drop interface.

Making stacks is fun and easy, simply drag a card onto another cards title then choose stack when the popup window asks. After that the two cards will be stacked together on screen.

When you want to edit the cards in a stack select its icon and press space or double-click and all the cards will be fanned out over your screen while dimming other cards in the background.

Reader takes NoteCard out of the card editing environment and into a familiar full screen text editor like TextEdit.

Reader lets you edit single cards, stacks of cards or tabbed cards in a full screen window with common text formatting controls like those found in popular text editors.

Because of the full screen interface Reader is a great place to focus on a cards content while writing or reading without being distracted by other cards.

By expanding the panes on the top or right of Reader you can see all the cards currently available or the pages in the selected card including previews of the text.

You can sync NoteCard across all your Macs - anywhere they are using Dropbox, a free cross-platform cloud sync utility.

How does it works? When changes are made to your sheets in NoteCard they will be uploaded by Dropbox. If you have other Macs with Dropbox installed that are connected to the internet the changes will be automatically downloaded and available inside NoteCard - even if the app is currently open!

How do I setup Dropbox support? After downloading and installing Dropbox, NoteCard makes it easy to configure by clicking a single button in the preferences window. Once NoteCard is configured all your changes will be made available to all your Macs using Dropbox!

Dropbox is copyright Dropbox Inc and is not affiliated with The Alchemist Guild LLC.

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